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Thought for Thought

Uncovering the Torah's Psychological Wisdom

with Miri Korbman

Cheering fan in full stadium
Never Let Up
Image by Azazello BQ
Freedom to Choose in the Absence of Alternatives
Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Making Sense of Desensitization
mother handing key to daughter.jpg
A Matter of Life and Death
Two parts of red broken wooden heart tap
More than Saying Sorry

Hand touching brain and network connect
Forget Me Not
Image by Frederik Löwer
Don't Settle
Man overlooking water
On Being Alone
The sun shines in the eye of the cyclone
Pausing in the Pandemonium
Emotions balls background, Happy Smiley
Personality Wise
Close-up Of A Hand Passing Golden Relay
Chayei Sara:
Loss and Legacy
Close up finger businessman stopping woo
Response Ability
Brown wooden fence isolated on white bac
Lech Lecha:
Boundaries and Benevolence
Image by Amos Bar-Zeev
A Righteous Man of the Earth
Business decision concept. Businessmen s
Where We Are and How We Got Here
People Never giving up, strength and pow
Haazinu and
Yom Kippur 5781:
The Possibility to Heal
Image by Anastasia Petrova
Rosh Hashana:
Begin with the End in Mind
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The Frog, the Fish, and the Freedom to Choose
Happy smiling kid in glasses is going to
Ki Savo:
Owning the Narrative
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Ki Seitzei:
The Radical Root of Teshuva
Image by Bill Oxford
Law and Disorder
One green apple and one red apple on a r
It's Not a Contest
Boy on tin can phone listening to curiou
What are you Talking About?
Hand gives a wild flower with love. roma
Va'Eschanan and Shabbos Nachamu:
GIVE to Get
House of mirrors.jpg
Devarim and the Nine Days:
Knowing What We Want
Employees in a fight.jpg
Revenge Reimagined
Image by Fumiaki Hayashi
The Apple and the Tree
demolition work and rearrangement. worke
Shiva Asar B'Tammuz:
Chipping Away
Concept of harmony and balance. Balance
Searching for a Synthesis
Adult King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagoni
The Courage to Stand
Camel in Desert
The Ever-Wandering Jew
Unity and teamwork concept as a business
Peace, Love, and Priestly Blessings
Image by Sebastiano Piazzi
Let Your Flag Fly
Shot of cute little boy leaping into his
Let Go, Let God
hands holding a burning candle in dark l
Recommended Daily
Acharei Mos/Kedoshim
 The Holiness of Marshmallows: Discipline and Effectiveness
Water wave.jpg
The Process of Purity
thank you words written on the sand of t
Tzav and Shabbos HaGadol:
The Greatness of Gratitude
Beautiful silver background with wedding
Not Just a Casual Fling
Calm sea with sunset sky and sun through
Rest and Realization
Cutting the branch your sitting on.jpg
Ki Sisa: 
Overcoming Self-Sabotage
Close up top view of young people puttin
Purim in Quarantine
Image by Ruthson Zimmerman
Dressed to Impress
Two hands holding a cinema clap isolated
Naaseh V'Nishma - 
The Ultimate Behavioral Experiment
Man running in park at autumn morning. H
Acting on Inspiration
Abstract design template with underwater
Sea'ing is Believing
Image by Mpho Mojapelo
A Matter of Time
Image by Freshh Connection
Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude
Little girl and big plush bear in medica
To See or Not to See- 
Cultivating Accurate Empathy
A red paperclip holds two steel chain en
A Blessing on Your Head
man trapped in alcohol addiction, surrea
Asara B'Teves:
The Psychology of a Siege
Footprints at sunset with golden sand. b
The Siyum HaShas and Vayigash:
Preparing the Way, One Step at a Time
Clear perspective through glass.jpg
The Free Will Question and Cognitive Reframing
silhouette  young men cliffhanger were c
Chanukah and Mikeitz:
Hanging Off the Cliff
Hand of businessman on dark background w
A Tale of Two Talismans
Image by Chris Lawton
Going Back to Move Forward 
Image by Elliot Sloman
Master the Art of Silence
Fire on a white background.jpg
Sublimation and Seeing Red
A Jewish man wearing Tallit and Tefillin
Chayei Sara:
Living on a Prayer
Image by Ben White
Not a Laughing Matter
Image by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren)
Lech Lecha:
Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone
Image by Alessandra Caretto
Toward a Not-So-Separate Peace 
Image by Chang Qing
Take Me With You- Fostering Intimacy in the Mundane
Running Shoes
Vayeilech and Yom Kippur 5780:
Don't Just Stand There
White rope in heart shape knot on red ba
Creating Distance and Coming Close
Kid with jet pack. Child playing at home
Ki Savo:
The Power of Visualization
Image by Clem Onojeghuo
Ki Seitzei:
What's Love Got to Do With It?
Image by Keegan Houser
Wholeheartedly Mindful
Image by Dan Meyers
Daring to be Different
increasing arrow made by building blocks
Sweat the Small Stuff
Baby Holding Parent
Shabbos Nachamu:
Accepting No and Seeking Comfort 
Smiling businesswoman sitting in office
Parshas Va'Eschanan:
Think Good, Feel Good
Image by Evelyn Mostrom
Tisha B'Av 5779: 
The Uncanny Valley
Image by Liane Metzler
Respectful Rebuke
The Shlosha D'Puranusa:
Nature, Nurture, and Spiritual DNA
Image by Warren Coetzer
Pinchas: In Pursuit of Peace
Cheering fan in full stadium
Balak: Imagine That
Little cute girl with magnifying glass l
Chukas: Why is the Cow Red? Balancing Curiosity with Acceptance 
Graph opinion influence.jpg
Korach: Under the Influence
Glasses of Water
Shelach: Perspective is Everything
Temple Candles
B'Haaloscha: Raising Candles, Kindling Souls
Spinning cycling class exercise bike in
Naso: Spin Class, Sota, and Sacrifices
Surreal image as woman with crossed hand
Bichukosai: Walking the Walk - Becoming a Through and Through Jew
Ice Cream Arrangement
Behar: Of Ice Cream Sales and Shemittah Cycles
Persist and Succeed! Symbol for many thi
Emor: Building Resilient Faith
Teddy bears sit with their backs to each
Kedoshim: Uprooting the Grudge
Desert Ibex
Acharei Mos: Grizzlies, Goats, and States of Mind
Freedom feel good and travel adventure c
Pesach 5779: Acting as If
Blue Spoon Set
Metzorah: Behavioral Principles and Fitting Punishments
Moonlit Night
Tazria: Adaptation, Separation, Santification, and Renewal
The chosen person among others. A human
Shemini: You Were Chosen For This
One standing on the road to future life
Purim 5779: Amalek and the Tolerance of Uncertainty
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