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Bereishis: Where We Are and How We Got Here

Understanding and analyzing the pathways of human behavior is a focal point of both research and practice and allows patients, clinicians, and psychological scientists alike to shed light on what leads us to do the things we do, for better or for worse. In the shadow of nearly two months spent focusing on dissecting our misdeeds and trying to improve ourselves, we might be sick of this kind of analysis, and yet it is exactly at this moment of spiritual and emotional exhaustion that apathy can set in, rendering us vulnerable to the same mistakes for which we just finished atoning. Thrust quite ceremoniously back into reality as we live it, we may wonder, ‘how am I actually going to change the way I walk through life and stick to my commitment to be a better version of myself going forward?’ As with any behavior, we must begin at the beginning, and seek to understand the very origin of ourselves, our inclinations, and our existence.