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Beshalach: Sea'ing is Believing

In one of the most famous and incredible scenes in Jewish and perhaps world history, this week’s Parsha features the spellbinding drama of the splitting of the sea. As the Jews leave Egypt after God has revealed Himself unquestioningly through the ten plagues, climaxing in His descent into Egypt to kill every first born male, the Egyptians chase after them. Bnei Yisrael find themselves standing on the edge of the vast Yam Suf, seemingly unable to go forward and definitively unable to turn back. Turning to Moshe in despair, they complain (14:11-12), “Why did you take us out of Egypt to die now?? It would have been better for us not to leave Egypt than to die now in the wilderness!” Moshe responds with equal vehemence (14:14), “Hashem will fight for you and you will stand silently.”