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Chayei Sara: Loss and Legacy

In the last week, the Jewish community suffered two gargantuan losses with the passing of HaRav Dovid Feinstein z”l and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z”l. Words are insufficient to adequately portray the profound sense of sadness permeating the Jewish world, bereft of these two giants in Torah scholarship and leadership. Personally, I regard Rabbi Sacks as a mentor and role model, in demonstrating what it means to be a Jewish leader, teacher, and lover of people. I have always held a deep admiration for his incredible ability to seamlessly weave together deep Torah wisdom, history, literature, and psychology into a vivid tapestry of inspiration and illumination. Rabbi Sacks’s weekly Covenant and Conversation articles are a staple of my own Parsha learning experience, in awe of his carefully crafted words and infusion of thoughtful intellectualism in the teaching and internalizing of Torah ideas. His loss leaves an immense void in our hearts, and enormous spiritual and interpersonal shoes to fill in the realm of Jewish leadership, education, and outreach.