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Parshas Balak: Dwelling in Difference

One of the many reasons that people come to therapy is to get an outsider’s perspective on a critically important or emotionally charged matter. Patients will seek out an “objective” third party, sometimes to mediate relationship challenges (such as in marital therapy), or even just to help an individual sort out his or her thoughts and feelings. The underlying premise is that it is difficult to effectively problem-solve or even sometimes to see things clearly when you are “nogeiah badavar,” closely involved in the matter. When we are caught up in our feelings about something important, or we are used to seeing things only from our own perspective, it can be difficult to entertain other possible solutions, explanations, or perspectives on a given matter. With time and skill, folks can learn to zoom out and see beyond their own viewpoint. And, often times it takes an outsider to really help us see our