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Devarim: The Danger of Projection

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Parshas Devarim features the beginning of Moshe’s account to the Jewish people of the past forty years in the desert, as they stand poised to cross into the Land of Israel without him. Moshe outlines how the peoples’ sins, particularly that of sending the spies, caused a journey of mere weeks to instead take four decades to traverse (1:2, Rashi ibd.). Specifically, Moshe recounts how Bnei Yisrael asked to send spies, and Moshe acquiesced, though Hashem disagreed. He relates how, when the spies returned with their slanderous reports, Klal Yisrael were devastated, lamenting, “B’sinas Hashem Osanu Hotzianu Me’Eretz Mitzrayim,” God hates us, that is why He brought us out of Egypt, to be wiped out by the Emorim (1:27).