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Shemini: You Were Chosen for This

At the beginning of this week’s Parsha, the stage is set for starting the Avodah in the Mishkan. Moshe tells Aharon and his sons to prepare animals for two Karbanos, a Karban Chatas and a Karban Olah; they bring these before the Ohel Mo’ed and stand “lifnei Hashem,” ready to perform the first sacrifices in the new Mishkan (Vayikra 9:5). It is a moment that Moshe, Aharon, and the entire Jewish people have been anticipating for weeks, and there is a palpable excitement in finally being able to do the Avodah for which the Mishkan was created.

One would imagine that Aharaon, the Kohen Gadol, would be in a hurry to begin the process of bringing Karbanos, and that he would need no reminders or prompts to initiate this holy work. Yet as they stand