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Va'eira: Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude

This week’s Parsha continues the epic epoch surrounding the exodus from Egypt, featuring Moshe and Aharon as the protagonists and redeemers. Of course, despite Aharon’s central role, Moshe was the Manhig, the leader, and the “moshiah,” or savior, foreseen by Pharaoh’s astrologists eighty years before. And yet, when it comes time for “show time,” beginning with turning the Nile to blood, it is not Moshe who strikes the miraculous blow to begin the famous ten plagues. In fact, following all the fanfare of their conversation at the Sneh, Hashem commands Moshe to tell Aharon to initiate the plague of blood, and Aharon does so, as the Pasuk says, “vaya’asu kein Moshe v’Aharon… va’yarem bamateh, vayach es hamayim” (19:7).