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Vayeishev: Don't Settle

There is a troubling Rashi at the beginning of this week’s Parsha that, when explored in depth, reveals an important spiritual lesson and psychological truth. The Pasuk (37:1-2) recounts “Vayeishev Yaakov… Bi’eretz Kinaan,” Yaakov settled down in the land of Canaan, “Eileh toldos Yaakov, Yosef ben Sheva Esrei Shana,” and these were Yaakov’s children – Yosef, who was seventeen years old. Rashi notes that there is a reason Yaakov’s settling in Canaan is juxtaposed with the mention of Yosef. He explains (37:2), “Bikesh Yaakov Leishev Bishalva, Kafatz Alav Rogzo Shel Yosef.” Yaakov wanted to dwell in peace and tranquility, and immediately Hashem brought upon him the whole ordeal regarding Yosef and his brothers.

A simple reading of this Rashi is quite troubling. Yaakov had, until now, a very cha