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Yisro: Acting on Inspiration

This week’s Parsha features one of the most powerful and impactful scenes in Jewish history: Matan Torah. Standing united at the foot of Har Sinai, the Jewish people hear G-d speak directly to them, and receive the Ten Commandments, which contain within them all of Torah. It is a pivotal moment, one of the cornerstones of Jewish faith and heritage. One might think that the name of the Parsha itself might allude to the incredible events recounted within. And yet, this incredible and foundational story is captured within another story, that of Yisro, Moshe’s gentile father-in-law, who comes to join the Jewish people.

What was so special about Yisro, aside from his relation to Moshe, that enabled him to merit the auspicious, timeless association between his name and the revelation at Sinai?