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Purim in Quarantine

These past few weeks have been a harrowing and difficult time for the Jewish community at large, and particularly for select communities in New York that have been most affected by the Corona Virus outbreak. Aside from those individuals battling confirmed cases of the virus, the pandemonium and chaos surrounding the virus and the health department’s attempts to avoid a full-blown epidemic have landed hundreds of people in quarantine for up to fourteen days. At a time of year typically marked by merry-making, partying, and large gatherings of people overcome with joy and collective celebration, the requirement to isolate and separate ourselves from our fellow Jews, in fact from the world entirely, is in dire contrast to the usual state of affairs associated with Purim.

As Jews, we believe that no moment in life or in our collective history is coincidental. Despite the tremendous difficulty of the challenge facing us all this Purim, there is much to be gained fro